We service and repair, upgrade, maintain, and install all types of irrigation systems. We focus on efficiency and proper coverage to maintain the most effective watering using the least amount of water. Ace has personally been on hundreds of service calls and has seen almost anything. Herring Landscape Group only installs name brand quality parts and pipe. We truly believe in do it right or don't do it at all.

New Water Saving Smart Timers/New Stream Rotor Sprinklers
Smart Timers adjust to your exact location and weather conditions. Save water by using new Micro Stream Rotor Technology. You will have much better coverage and less run off. These are great for "Not enough pressure" OR "Too many heads on a line" problems. These sprinklers are much more efficient, use less water.

Natural Lawn and Synthetic Turf Installation
We professionally install beautiful lush lawns or synthetic turf for your yard. We will work with you to ensure the correct Sod, Seed, or type of turf for your individual needs. We also install pet friendly varieties of turf.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Installation and Repair/Upgrade
Enjoy your yard anytime day or night! Why have a beautiful garden you can only enjoy in the day time? From a few accent lights to a whole system design and install we do it all. Lighting repairs and upgrades offered also.

Flower Beds/Vegetable Gardens/Native Plants
We install colorful flower beds, xeriscape cactus and succulent areas using creative designs. We can design beautiful gardens including Water Wise California Natives, perennial beds, running and dry river beds, cottage style, Mediterranean, backyard organic produce beds, and specimen Palm / Cycad areas.

Retaining Walls and Borders
Define yard spaces by using low cost stacking walls to large scale retaining walls. We can use brick, natural stone, cement blocks, wood, and more.


Qualitiy matters!

Herring Landscape Groupis a premier licensed full service landscape company that serves both residential and commercial properties in Savannah and surrounding areas. We offer a wealth of experience and knowledge of all aspects of landscape management.

We Focus on Water Wise Planting and Proper Irrigation.


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